Biotech Program: Students are learning how to grow CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) cells in the Biosafety Cabinet. CHO cells are widely used in the biotech industry to make complex macromolecules for the treatment of conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis and kidney transplants.
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Senior Doing TC
Soph doing TC
Junior doing TC
Protocol on TC Hood
Adult Career Training & Personal Enrichment classes starting later this month. Click here for more details
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NCTI - Generic Ad
Thank you to all the town officials and board members that attended our annual budget breakfast presentation today. We hope to see you soon on our new NT app! Also a special thank you to our amazing student speakers and for sharing about their student experiences at Nashoba Tech.
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Student presenters FY21 Budget Presentation
Biotechnology Program: Broadly speaking, biotechnology is the application of biological processes and techniques to create useful products. Here freshmen students sample the result of one of the oldest uses of biotechnology, using bacteria to convert cucumbers to pickles.
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Freshmen trying pickles
Pickle Bucket
NEW NCTI Adult classes at Nashoba Tech starting in February -- jump start your career or learn a new skill! Automotive Basics - Cosmetology Basics - 2A/1C Hoisting Test Prep - Digital Photography (Beginners) Course details link: Register online: (select course and desired date)
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2A/1C Hoisting
CO Basics
Digital Photo I (beginners)
On the 34th anniversary of the NASA Challenger Disaster, we honor the 7 astronauts who lost their lives in space flight, as we research and rehearse for our METG play, CHALLENGER: to Touch the Face of God.
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Emily Collins and Mikayla Barrett have been selected as December’s Students of the Month! Emily Collins, a senior in the Advanced Manufacturing program. is a high-honors student, has been inducted into the National Honor Society and is the student representative to the Advisory Committee for the Advanced Manufacturing program Mikayla Barrett, a sophomore in the Veterinary Assisting program is a high-honors student, treasurer of the Viking Theatre Company and was stage manager for the company’s recent production of “Elf, the Musical. Read more:
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Attention Seniors! Friends of Nashoba will be giving out 10 $1000 Scholarships. Applications are now available!
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FON Academic Scholarships & Tech Grants
Looking back to 1981 at Nashoba Tech as we celebrate 50 years of excellence in technical education.
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For the first time at Nashoba Tech we are growing eukaryotic cells. CHO cells were derived in the 1950s from Chinese hamsters and are widely used in the biotech industry for production of complex therapeutic molecules. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
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CHO cells Wikipedia
Western Blot performed by students in the Biotechnology program. The dark lines in the image indicate myosin proteins in samples of: (l to r) turkey, salmon, lobster, crab, cod, chicken and beef. Western blotting is widely used in molecular biology and diagnostics.
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Western blot of myosin proteins in various tissue samples
Please join us on our NEW FON Meeting Dates!
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New FON Tues Meetings
On December 18th students from NVTHS had the opportunity to visit BioBuilder in Cambridge, MA. There they learned about the exciting and growing field of Synthetic Biology
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Ninth grade students perfecting their pipetting technique.
Biotech shop sophomores get instruction.
Students learn about synthetic biology in BioBuilder classroom session.
Students demonstrating proper use of personal protective equipment: Lab coats, safety glasses, gloves.
Nashoba students at Biobuilder in Cambridge
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Nashoba Students at BioBuilder, Cambridge
It's a first! Two seniors, Abigail Cronin & Elliot Gale @NashobaTech are among the five in MA to be selected for the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Presidential Scholars Program for Career and Technical Education. They are now eligible for the national Presidential Scholars Program.
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Nashoba Tech is coming to your school! Be sure to complete an online application so that our counselor can interview you during their visit! Applications can be found at
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interview dates
More looking back to 1980.
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auto 80
auto 2 80
carpentry 80
graphics 80
As we enter 2020, we Look back 40 years to 1980.
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culinary 80
data 80
paint 80
typing 80
The Admissions Department is offering tours on the following Wednesdays at 3pm. Please call (978)692-4711 x11123 to reserve your spot! January 15, 2020 February 12, 2020 March 11, 2020 April 8, 2020
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Our @NashobaTech Programming and Web students visited the Groton-Dunstable Middle School and presented a program about cybersecurity for the Hour of Code.
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