wall mural

NASHUA, N.H. – A partnership between Nashoba Valley Technical High School in Westford and Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua is paying dividends for both institutions.

The latest proof of that is a mural unveiled June 14 outside Dick’s Sporting Goods on the lower level of the mall. The mural – which depicts a pheasant taking flight from the Merrimack River with other local landmarks visible – was painted by students in Nashoba Tech’s Design & Visual Communications program.

“We are so pleased with the outcome of this project and happy to partner with Nashoba Valley Technical High School on this project and those to come in the future,” mall Manager Allen Smith said. “We are excited to share the students’ talents with our shoppers. We see this partnership as a way to offer students at NVTHS real-life experiences that will help them prepare for future opportunities.”

The students were on hand for the unveiling, as was their instructor, Nathan Meharg, who said they “showed incredible determination throughout the entire process.”

“Just coming up with the idea of what to paint took hours of research, brainstorming and sketching,” Meharg added. “Then, they had to come and make this painting over the course of several weeks, when almost none of them had every painted anything before. That took patience and a real willingness to see a project through to the end, and that’s the big lesson that I think the students took away from this experience.”

Students involved are incoming juniors Eric Caulfield (Groton), Nathaniel Dunn (Groton), Diara Fernand (Littleton), Moss Halloran (Townsend), Megan Hussey (Chelmsford), Lauren Mazgelis (Westford), Alex Petraglia (Chelmsford), Jonathan Picolotto (Chelmsford), Michael Prideaux (Lowell), Noah Silva (Dunstable) and Gwendolyn Stenquist (Chelmsford), and post-graduates Erin Bean (Chelmsford) and Yabdiel Gonzalez Cruz (Chelmsford).

“To see this project come to life has been so exciting,” Director of Marketing Linnea Kelliher said. “From inception to completion, the students stepped out of their comfort zone and really produced an amazing work of art for our shoppers to enjoy. We look forward to our continued partnership with NVTHS and working with other departments to highlight the talents of the students at NVTHS.”

“The entire project was a great example of what technical education can and should be,” said Principal Jeremy Slotnick, who attended the unveiling with Superintendent Dr. Denise Pigeon. “It gave our students the opportunity to showcase their talents and demonstrate the ability to work in a real-world environment to develop a beautiful mural that will enrich the mall for years to come.”

“The unveiling and ribbon-cutting ceremony was such a perfect way to honor the students’ hard work with their friends, family, peers and the school faculty,” said Alexandra Meadus-Pitcher, assistant director of marketing for the mall. “We’re incredibly proud of and amazed by the work done over the past four months by the students and their instructor, Nathan Meharg. This gorgeous mural will be admired by thousands and is a permanent reminded of their talent and determination.

“We’re grateful the students and the school were able to create this fantastic piece of art,” she added.

Before Christmas, students in Nashoba Tech’s TV & Media Production/Theatre Arts program shot an on-air spot at Pheasant Lame Mall near Santa’s Village for an episode of Viking News Network, interviewing shoppers and shooting footage for the program.

Mall mural 1: A mural painted by students in Nashoba Tech’s Design & Visual Communications program stands on the lower level of Pheasant Lane Mall’s main concourse.

Mall mural 2: Nashoba Tech students and Instructor Nathan Meharg, center, stand in front of the mural.

Mall mural 3: Nashoba Tech Principal Jeremy Slotnick speaks during the unveiling ceremony.

Mall mural 4: Pheasant Lane Mall Manager Allen Smith speaks during the unveiling ceremony.