Melissa Gilgun, the school psychologist, is January's Employee of the Month at Nashoba Tech. Melissa is in her ninth year with the school. She was nominated by thee staff members.

Sayda Betsold wrote: "Melissa is always there to provide support, advice and care for our NT community.  She will drop everything to help any one of our students or staff. I am grateful we have such a caring and supportive psychologist on staff here at Nashoba Tech.

Molly Foley wrote: "Melissa works tirelessly to support our students with the greatest social and emotional needs. She's their shoulder to cry on, the person that they go to tell their best and their worst news. She's just one person, and she does the work of many, and that work doesn't end when she leaves the building or when the students leave the school.  Her work has only become more difficult as this pandemic has raged on, and still, she perseveres, cares and supports."

Jessica Lamond wrote: "She is always going above and beyond to help our students. With the increased challenges students have faced due to the pandemic, she has worked tirelessly to ensure students' well-being. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of mental health and has been a wonderful mentor and friend to me for the past nine years."