Nashoba Tech has selected 28 juniors and seniors to be mentors for incoming freshmen.
The students were selected by staff members for showing leadership qualities. They will be available to freshmen for the school year, which, because of the pandemic, makes their roles even more important.

Students at Nashoba Tech are attending their technical classes in person, while academic classes are being conducted virtually. On alternating weeks, freshmen are going through the exploratory process, attending a different technical program until it’s time for them to choose a program they want to pursue for their high-school career.
Following are the mentors.

Gautham Anoop, junior, Westford, Biotechnology.
Kera Bacon, junior, Pepperell, Hospitality.
Jonathan Burke, senior, Westford, Plumbing & Heating.
Collin Cerone, junior, Pepperell, Engineering Technology.
Brianna Clark, senior, Shirley, Hospitality.
 Abigail Cogan, junior, Townsend, Health Assisting.
Veronica Correia, junior, Pepperell, Early Childhood.
Jennelle Dillard, junior, Littleton, Health Assisting.
Carolyn Dorman, junior, Townsend, Design & Visual Communications.
Alexys Flanders, senior, Pepperell, Plumbing & Heating.
John Fraser, senior, Chelmsford, Plumbing & Heating.
MacPherson Johns, junior, North Andover, Marketing.
Arshjot Kaur, senior, Westford, Health Assisting.
Randy LeBlanc, junior Chelmsford, Hospitality.
Guinevere Meusel, senior, Ayer, Health Assisting.
Gina Mills, junior, Chelmsford, Design & Visual Communications.
Olivia Moran, junior, Lowell, Early Childhood.
Ava Pittman, senior, Westford, Health Assisting.
Frances Priest, junior, Townsend, Design & Visual Communications.
Isabella Raposo, senior, Pepperell, Health Assisting.
Joseph Rogers, junior, Lowell, Engineering Technology.
Angelina Sgrosso, junior, Pepperell, Cosmetology.
Madelyn Shoemaker, junior, Groton, Early Childhood.
Paige Siagel, junior, Dracut, Early Childhood.
Anna Tang, senior, Pepperell, Health Assisting.
Samantha Valcourt, senior, Westford, Health Assisting.
Andrew Watman, junior, Chelmsford, Programming & Web Development.
Michael Whiting, junior, Chelmsford, Advanced Manufacturing.