WESTFORD -- The Nashoba Valley Technical High School Committee voted on Aug. 11 to endorse a hybrid plan to reopen the school in September, combining in-school learning with remote learning.

The hybrid option was one of three that a task force of Nashoba Tech administrators  and staff members recommended to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the other two options being entirely in-person learning and entirely remote learning.

In effect, Nashoba Tech students, who attend academic classes and their technical programs on alternative weeks, will attend school during their technical week and will participate in remote learning on their academic week.

“The Nashoba Valley Technical High School Task Force, school leadership and School Committee members have created a comprehensive plan, which is the result of extraordinarily hard work and thoughtful preparation,” Superintendent Dr. Denise Pigeon said. “We have listened to our staff, administrators and the community, and have presented a plan based upon the guidelines established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Department of Education and Secondary Education.”

All safety protocols will be strictly followed  by all staff and students on-site, and the rigor of remote instruction will match that of in-person learning, with similar expectations for attendance, grading, effort, assessment, and quality and quantity of work.

Freshman Orientation is being planned for Sept. 8-9, with all students attending school, either on campus or remotely, on Sept. 16.

To read Nashoba Tech’s comprehensive reopening plan, go to https://5il.co/jjc3