Athletic Trainer Lauren Simmons and Vocational Coordinator Jeffrey Scheminger are November's Employees of the Month at Nashoba Tech

Lauren Simmons, Nashoba Tech’s full-time athletic trainer for a year, was nominated by JV golf coach David McCloskey, who wrote: “With me having just recently begun coaching again, Lauren has been extremely helpful as I learn the new system and has taken the time to help me whenever I ask. She is well-liked by our student-athletes and works really hard to get the job done. She is a welcome addition to the staff.”

Jeffrey Scheminger has been with Nashoba Tech for eight years, the first seven as the Engineering Technology instructor. This year, he has taken on the administrative duties of the Vocational Coordinator. He received two staff nominations. Veterinary Assisting Instructor Tracey Warren wrote: “Jeff has been amazing since he took his current position. It has been so great to have him as a go-to for our vocational needs. He listens, executes and follows up. He’s awesome and we are so glad to have him.” Programming & Web Development Instructor Josh Gold wrote: “Jeff has made me and others better able to focus on student learning while helping us to orchestrate all of our needs.”