A student at Nashoba Tech produced the winning entry in a statewide poster concert.

(Photo caption: Alex Petraglia is congratulated by John Oteri of Massachusetts Partnership for Youth.)

The poster, submitted by Alex Petraglia, a junior in the Design & Visual Communications program, was selected as the best out of 441 entries in the 2022-2023 Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth’s annual Poster Project. The theme of the contest was “The Earth Loves You. Love It Back.”

Alex’s poster depicts a human body with the sun as the head and two outstretched arms, one holding a tree and the other a mountain and waterfall, as well as a recycling container, a person riding a bike, people planting seeds, and other items. The caption reads, “Earth’s fate is on our shoulders,” along with the contest’s theme.

“I wanted to show everyone that no matter who you are, you can help save the planet,” said Alex, who lives in Chelmsford. “I thought the figure of a man holding a bunch of things from nature really shows how the fate of Earth relies on us. We did this to Earth. We are the Earth. So it’s up to us to save it.”

Nathan Meharg, one of the Design & Visual Communications instructors at Nashoba Tech, said Alex “did a great job of taking a really imaginative idea and illustrating it in a way that the viewer could really get what it was about.”

“Alex worked very hard to come to come up with a concept that would complement their creative and drawing skills, and ended up with a really good design as a result,” he added.

Alex, whose parents are Marc and Melany Petraglia, hopes to study Graphic Design in college then becoming a cartoonist.