Students in our Robotics & Automation Program are also part of our Engineering Academy, and, due to the overlap of common skills and frameworks, have been clustered with the Engineering students. Students study engineering principles fundamental to robotics technology, and develop knowledge of electronic circuitry and the operation of motors, sensors, control systems, and programmable logic controllers. They work with software, wiring, integrated circuits, and embedded controllers. Students work with several robot platforms, with significant projects both in-class and with regional competitions as part of the FIRST Robotics organization.

Like the Engineering students, they are expected take the most challenging math and science courses available to them. These classes include AP Calculus and AP Physics. Their technical program is structured into three trimester courses; however, some courses are different from their Engineering counterparts.

Technical Courses

  • Career Exploration (100) – 18 Credits

  • Introduction to Engineering I (377) – 12 Credits

  • Principles of Engineering (374T1) – 10 Credits

  • Mechatronics (253T2) – 10 Credits

  • Solid Modeling (374T3) – 9 Credits

  • Digital Electronics (375T1) – 13 Credits

  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (375T2) – 13 Credits

  • PLC Program & Control (375T3) – 13 Credits

  • Fanuc Operator Certification (256T3) – 13 Credits

  • Engineering Design & Development (275T1) – 13 Credits

  • 4th Year Elective Engineering Design – 13 Credits