Students in the Programming and Web Development Program are training to become Software Engineers, Full Stack Web Developers, and Cybersecurity specialists, among other careers. The program is designed to enable students to succeed in a highly technical, global environment. Students create and understand the technical details and implementation of software, app development, and defending against cyber threats. Creating programs through game development, android apps, building interactive web pages, and competing in cybersecurity competitions are just some examples of the myriad of projects that students complete in this program.

During the four years in Programming and Web students get a broad, yet focused, overview of many tools, languages, and career paths into the world of Computer Science. Freshman are enrolled in a Computer Science Principals course, which has an AP option, and explore simple html and css, basics of data, how to internet works, an exploratory of A+, Network+, and an intro to coding through python and classic arcade games.

Sophomores and Juniors will take 6 courses over these two years, one each trimester. 10th graders will study defensive Cybersecurity through Project Lead the Way, as well as participate in the Cyberpatriot competition. They will get an in depth experience with front end web development, including bootstrap and JQuery. They will finish up Sophomore year with a survey course using camelCase languages through different mediums: C# in Unity, C++ in Unreal Engine, Objective-C through arduinos and automation, and Swift with iOS development.

Juniors continue the focus on camelCase languages and will prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam. This is a java focused exam, and they will go in depth with object oriented java their first trimester. Next they continue to explore java through native android development and an agile software development process course. Finally, we will revisit web development and take a look at full stack development. Seniors have an elective their first trimester and the remainder of the school year is theirs to really focus on a topic that interests them and allows them to create an iconic project to take with them after NVTHS. Students also have the opportunity to focus on IT Certifications during their senior year. Juniors and Seniors will have the opportunity to participate in our community shop services that include web site development, app development, and tier-a tech support.

Graduates of this program are prepared for 2-year and 4-year college programs in computer science or similar fields. They have a solid foundation for immediate employment in software engineering, web development, and tier-1 tech support. Opportunities are boundless when students graduate from Programming and Web at Nashoba Tech.

Technical Courses

  • Career Exploration (100) – 18 Credits

  • PLTW: Introduction to Computer Science (195A) – 6 Credits

  • PLTW: Computer Science Essentials (195) – 6 Credits

  • PLTW: Computer Science Principals (197) – 12 Credits

  • PLTW: Cybersecurity (197A) - 14

  • Advanced Placement Computer Science ® (194) – 7

  • Software Engineering (192) – 13

  • Full Stack Web Development (190) – 13 Credits

  • Internet of Things (191) – 6 Credits

  • Incubator (199) 34

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