Students in the Programming and Web Development Program are training to become Software Engineers, Full Stack Web Developers, and Cybersecurity specialists, among other careers. The program is designed to enable students to succeed in a highly technical, global environment. Students create and understand the technical details and implementation of software, app development, and defending against cyber threats.

During the four years in Programming and Web students get a broad, yet focused, overview of many tools, languages, and career paths into the world of Computer Science. Students will be enrolled in several Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses which are designed to expose students to a diverse set of computational thinking concepts, fundamentals, and tools, allowing them to gain understanding and build confidence. In addition, students have the opportunity to pursue several industry certifications during their time in the program, including OSHA-10 General Industry certification.

Freshmen receive an introduction to the world of Computer Science by participating in a Digital Literacy course and the PLTW CS Essentials course, where they are introduced to fundamental programming concepts via block-based and text-based coding. In addition, students in Programming and Web will learn the fundamentals of Website design with HTML and CSS.

Sophomores in the Programming and Web program will shift away from Web development, and instead learn how to develop applications using the Python programming language. During their sophomore year, students will learn to work with variables, conditional statements, looping constructs, user-defined functions, differentiate between the different types of operators and begin to work with Object-Oriented Programming. Students will also participate in the PLTW CS Principles course.

Juniors begin the year by participating in the PLTW Cybersecurity course to establish an ethical code of conduct while learning to defend data in today’s complex cyberworld. They will also learn to become Full-stack developers with JavaScript and PHP. In addition, juniors will be introduced to the C# language which can be used to develop desktop, mobile and web applications as well as write scripts for Unity.

During their final year in the program, seniors will work with relational databases and write SQL queries. In addition, the students continue to explore Object-Oriented Programming languages by learning Java and will work through the PLTW CSA course. In addition to their class work, seniors must create, manage and present a shop-related project of their choosing (such as a video game, a website or a mobile application).

Graduates of this program are prepared for 2-year and 4-year college programs in computer science or similar fields. They have a solid foundation for immediate employment in software engineering, web development, and tier-1 tech support. Opportunities are boundless when students graduate from Programming and Web at Nashoba Tech.

Technical Courses

Career Exploration (100) – 18 Credits
Programming & Web Grade 9 (195) – 22 Credits
Programming & Web Grade 10 (193) – 34 Credits
Programming & Web Grade 10 Theory (193T) –5 Credits
Programming & Web Grade 11 (196) – 34 Credits
Programming & Web Grade 11 Theory (196T) – 5 Credits
Programming & Web Grade 12 (199) – 34 Credits
Programming & Web Grade 12 Theory (199T) – 5 Credits