In the Marketing Program, students develop the fundamental skills necessary for employment in the financial, marketing, or customer service sector and for entrance into post-secondary education programs.    Students receive training in marketing and retail in the area of sales, advertising, consumer relations, product planning, visual merchandising, inventory management, and pricing strategies while working in Nashoba’s school store, The Viking Village Mall, which is open to the public.

 The curriculum is designed to prepare students to handle a variety of real-life situations and to deal effectively with people within the business field.   As a component of marketing, instruction will focus on the marketing process, business management, entrepreneurship and emerging trends in business and finance.  Students are expected to apply the concepts they learn through an assortment of class projects utilizing a variety of tools and technologies.

Students completing this course of study are able to seek employment as customer service representatives, retail sales associates, and bank tellers or pursue additional education in business and marketing in two-year and four-year college programs.

Students take Physics in Grade 11, Chemistry in Grade 12. Psychology and Sociology are also recommended.

Technical Courses

  • Career Exploration (100) – 18 Credits

  • Marketing 9 (186) -12 Credits

  • Marketing 10 (183) – 24 Credits

  • Marketing Theory 10 (183T) – 5 Credits

  • Marketing 11 (184) – 34 Credits

  • Marketing 11 Theory (184T) – 5 Credits

  • Marketing 12 (185)– 34 Credits

  • Marketing 12 Theory (185T) – 5 Credits

National Organizations

DECA/Delta Epsilon Chi – An Association of Marketing Students