Hospitality Management Program provides students with knowledge and training into the world of hospitality. program is composed of hands on dining room service in the schools Elegant Chef restaurant, classroom theory and cooperative education. The Elegant Chef is a full service restaurant where students get training in food service management, guest service, hosting, and event planning, catering and other positions covered in food service. The hospitality industry provides services to people away from home. These services include food service, lodging, travel, tourism, and recreation.

The hospitality industry is a very large, diverse industry with lots of career opportunities. It is one of the largest employers in the United States and is very important to the economy. Our hospitality management students can develop skills to enter the professional workforce. There are many careers to pursue, such as hotel management, food service director, event planning, restaurant entrepreneurship, and many other career paths.

Students take Chemistry in Grade 11, and Physics Code in Grade 12.  Psychology and Sociology are also recommended.

Technical Courses

  • Career Exploration (100) – 18 Credits

  • Hospitality 9 (186) -12 Credits

  • Hospitality 10 (183) – 24 Credits

  • Hospitality Theory 10 (183T) – 5 Credits

  • Hospitality 11 (184) – 34 Credits

  • Hospitality 11 Theory (184T) – 5 Credits

  • Hospitality 12 (185)– 34 Credits

  • Hospitality 12 Theory (185T) – 5 Credits