Students in the Engineering combine academic study with a solid foundation of engineering skills, before choosing an engineering specialty. Each year launches skills and knowledge in several basic engineering subjects including Aerospace Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geophysical and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Robotics, and Architecture. Students use Autodesk inventor and Revit.

Freshmen and Sophomore students take a common set of foundational courses centered around core mathematic, scientific, design, and engineering concepts. In the Junior year, students can choose to specialize in a more focused branch of engineering.

Technical Courses

  • Career Exploration (100) – 18 Credits

  • Introduction to Engineering I (377) – 12 Credits

  • Principles of Engineering (374T1) – 10 Credits

  • Civil Engineering (374T2) – 10 Credits

  • Solid Modeling (374T3) – 9 Credits

  • Digital Electronics (375T1) – 13 Credits

  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (375T2) – 13 Credits

  • 3rd Year Elective Engineering Design (375T3) – 13 Credits

  • Fanuc Operator Certification (376T2) – 13 Credits

  • Engineering Design & Development (275T1) – 13 Credits

  • 4th Year Elective Engineering Design – 13 Credits