The Cosmetology Program trains students for a variety of career opportunities in the hair, skin and nail industry. Students are instructed to meet the 1000 hours required by the Massachusetts State Board of Cosmetology. Training includes chemical hair services including permanent waving, hair coloring techniques, and hair smoothing services.  Students learn haircutting and styling, application of variations of Hair extensions, wig instruction, and up-styling. Basic nail techniques including gel polish and nail enhancements are covered, as are skincare, facial treatments, and make-up applications. Professional ethics, salon management, and State Laws are also part of the course of study.  Students have the opportunity to further develop skills in a supervised salon setting which is open to the public.

After the completion of one thousand (1000) required hours, and passing the Massachusetts State Board Exam, students are licensed and may be employed in salons or spas that are operated as independent establishments, chain salons, or in conjunction with hotels, department or specialty stores.

Students are recommended to take Chemistry in Grade 11 and Anatomy and Physiology in Grade 12.

Technical Courses

  • Career Exploration (100) – 18 Credits

  • Cosmetology 9 (161) -12 Credits

  • Cosmetology 10 (162) – 24 Credits

  • Cosmetology Theory 10 (162T) – 5 Credits

  • Cosmetology 11 (163) – 34 Credits

  • Cosmetology 11 Theory (163T) – 5 Credits

  • Cosmetology 12 (164) – 34 Credits

  • Cosmetology 12 Theory (164T) – 5 Credits