We strongly encourage Parents of students on IEPs to become involved with the Parent Advisory Council and to become officers in the PAC. The time commitment is minimal compared to the tremendous benefit of being an officer in the PAC while demonstrating to your son/daughter the importance of being involved in the public sector and volunteering your time to help others!

Please contact me if you wish to be on the parent PAC or if you served last year. I am looking forward to a successful year!


Parents of students with learning challenges needed for meetings concerning parent’s rights, transition planning, and college options.

PLEASE CONTACT Special Education Office
(978) 692-4711 ext. 11107


All students participate in the annual IEP meetings and offer input regarding their plans for life beyond high school. The student's guidance counselor also attends the IEP meeting and offers support to enable the students to make wise decisions regarding their future plans whether they involve college or full-time technical area-related employment. The student's Four-Year Career Plan is updated at least annually between the student and his/her counselor.

Post high school transition planning essentially begins when the student enters as a freshman, explores the technical programs, and completes career testing. During the Fall of the sophomore year, all students are brought to the computer lab during academic classes and introduced to the College Board's website, with a focused placed on PSAT preparation and college readiness. In September of the junior year, all students will receive an in-depth follow-up presentation that involves a detailed overview of the applications located on the College Board's website. During the Fall of their Senior year, all students complete a detailed survey that is reviewed by the guidance counselor to determine the individual student's needs in terms of college applications, scholarships, employment, etc. They are also shown another presentation that focuses on application elements and deadlines for college admissions and scholarships.

All Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students have log-ins for the College Board's website. It's never too early to start the college search and to access scholarship websites!

Please go to www.collegeboard.org for more information about the college search process and scholarships. Please contact your son or daughter's guidance counselor for further information.

Get college information in person by attending a local college fair: http://neacac.org/

Financial Aid information is available at www.mefa.org