Nashoba Valley Technical High School operates on an alternate week schedule. One week is spent in academic classes followed by a week of training in technical programs. This rotation continues throughout the school year. It is the school’s philosophy that well-rounded individuals who are ready to become responsible and contributing members of society must be prepared in academic, as well as technical areas. The courses offered at Nashoba Valley Technical High School have been designed to assist every student to meet this goal.

Nashoba Valley Technical High School’s academic program consists of a core curriculum for all grades in all subjects. The level or degree of difficulty of the assigned course will be determined by the student’s aptitude, standardized test scores, and past academic performance and recommendations. All academic courses are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and are designed for utmost success on standardized exams including the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS), Advanced Placement, and SATs. Nashoba Valley Technical High School offers a college preparatory and honors program in all grade levels. Advanced placement, Dual Enrollment, and Early College courses are available during the junior and senior year. Grades received in honors and Advanced Placement courses earn additional weight in the calculation of GPA. Dual enrollment, Early College and Advanced Placement courses are weighted equally. Honors courses are weighted but less than Dual, Early College, or AP courses.