Physical Education is required for four years. Physical Education provides students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to acquire physical fitness, physical skills and leisure skills necessary to maintain healthful lifestyles. This program consists of required activities to meet the present and future physical and recreational needs of students. Included is the study of intermediate and advanced movement skills related to physical fitness and sport and leisure skills.

The integration of movement patterns in sports, rhythmic and lifelong fitness activities will be taught. Included in this course is the practice of relating exercise to overall health, applying social and safety skills and integrating strategies to respond to stress with intent to enhance student health and wellness.

Life-long learning is a major theme in our Physical Education program. Many of our selected activities are geared toward working together to achieve a common goal. Through team sports, individual sports and various fitness techniques, students will learn the life-management skills necessary for future personal wellness.


This course is designed to give students a holistic look at music across cultures and decades. Students will study histories of music from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Students will understand how culture and music connect to each other and our culture. The concepts of the physics of sound will be introduced. Students will also learn about music’s effects on the body. Students will participate in individual and group activities to further their understanding of music.

CONCERT CHOIR* (5 Credits)

Anyone interested in studying vocal technique is invited to join the choir. Concert Choir is the primary chorus of Nashoba Valley Technical High School. Performances of varied repertoire include evening concerts, appearances for community organizations and choral festivals. Singers may also have opportunities to observe professional performances. After school rehearsals and night performances are required.

CONCERT BAND* (5 Credits)

This ensemble is the primary performing band of Nashoba Valley Technical High School. Students are expected to have some previous experience on their instrument. The ensemble will perform a wide range of works from the modern concert band repertoire in a wide range of styles. Basic technical, ensemble and musicianship skills will be emphasized. After school rehearsals and night performances are required.

MUSIC AND MEDIA* (5 Credits)

This course is designed to educate students on the history of media and music. Students will learn about the origins of film itself, starting with the invention of film and tracing the evolution through modern day. Students will additionally have a focus the history and evolution of television music, including commercials and various television shows. Students will focus upon understanding how music alters the way scenes and stories can be portrayed within films and television.


This course is designed to offer students an understanding of music and psychology. Students will comprehend how the brain works and study a brief history of psychology including major figures in the field such as B.F. Skinner, Sigmund Freud, and B.A. Watson. The sociology of music including cultural, geographical and socioeconomic differences will be analyzed with interactive projects. The ideas of how music changes the way that individuals think and react to music will be a focus of the curriculum.

FINE ART I* (5 Credits)

Art provides students with an experience in artistic ideas, materials, and techniques. It is a hands-on introduction to the world of creativity with an emphasis on the elements and principles of design. The goal of the course is to offer exposure, to develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and to explore students’ interests while working in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. Student learning is centered on individual development of creativity and observation to prepare them for problem-solving in the real world. Through this course, students will have a firm foundation for further study in the visual arts as well as an appreciation of the role the arts have played in the development of our civilization and culture.

FINE ART II* (5 Credits)

The Fine Arts 2 course provides an opportunity for students to expand on their drawing and painting concepts that were introduced in Fine Arts 1. Prominence is placed on experiences with design elements and principles, drawing techniques and painting skills that can lead to the expansion of abilities that are necessary for advanced art courses. Students are given more in depth problems to solve creatively while becoming more adept through a wide-ranging exposure to various media. Students will be continually encouraged to expand their creative ideas as well as their technical potential. This is a desired course for any student wishing to develop a portfolio for college.


The Scholastic Support class provides direct service to students identified as requiring additional special education services in order to maximize their potential. Students are referred to the class through the TEAM process. Not all students requiring special education services will need to access this class; the class is specifically targeted for students who need support with organization, study skills, self-advocacy, and post-secondary planning greater than what may be provided within the traditional classroom setting. Students will focus on strengthening executive function skills, adapting to varied educational environments, implementing academic strategies, developing self-advocacy skills, and understanding their learning style.


The English as a Second Language (ESL) class provides English language support to students whose native language is not English. To further develop comprehensive English skills, reading in English is provided to English language learners (ELLs) who may not be reading on grade level. The English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher provides English instruction to students at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of proficiency. Teachers utilize the WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards (World Class Instructional Design and Assessment), to deliver lessons that are adapted through the use of visuals, collaborative learning, discussion and modified language to meet the needs of the English language learner. Students must be identified for this class through the ELL department.

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