Nashoba Valley Technical High School is continually seeking new members to serve on the Program Advisory Committee for one of our 18 Technical Programs. The Program Advisory Committee meets, at minimum, twice per year.

We are seeking Program Advisory Committee members who will represent:

  • Local business and industry related to the program

  • Organized labor

  • Post-secondary institutions

  • Parents/guardians, students

  • Registered apprenticeship programs

In addition, Nashoba Valley Technical High School makes every effort to ensure that membership on all 18 Program Advisory Committees includes females, racial and linguistic minorities, persons with disabilities and individuals in occupations nontraditional for their gender.

If you are interested in serving on a Program Advisory Committee for one of our 18 technical programs or would like to make a recommendation for a new member please contact Jeffrey Scheminger, Vocational Coordinator, at or complete and return the Advisory Committee Recommendation Form.

Role of the Program and General Advisory Committees

Program Advisory Committee: The Vocational Technical Education Regulations state that it shall be the responsibility of the Program Advisory Committee to advise, assist and support school personnel in order to improve planning, operation, and evaluation in its program area. Such advice shall be based on adequate and timely information as to workforce and job development demands or job market trends, technological developments, training alternatives and other factors affecting the quality of the program.

General Advisory Committee: The Vocational Technical Education Regulations state that it shall be the responsibility of the general advisory committee to advise the school committee/board of trustees, based on adequate and timely information, as to the planning, operation, and evaluation of vocational technical instruction provided by programs under its control.

The Role of the Program Advisory Committees and General Advisory Committee includes:

  • Assist in the development and review of proposed new Chapter 74 vocational technical education programs

  • Assist in the development of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) Local Plan submitted by the school district

  • Seek to ensure non-discrimination and equity in career/vocational technical education programs

  • Review and evaluate curriculum, course materials, and program equipment and make recommendations for updates and advise instructors on methods of instruction

  • Assist in the development of articulated programs and articulation agreements with colleges and registered apprenticeship programs

  • Donate materials, equipment, and services

  • Help schools maintain their libraries of software, visual aids, magazines, and books.

  • Serve as, or arrange for, guest speakers

  • Recommend professional development activities and contribute to the professional development of staff

  • Bring special projects to the school

  • Arrange for field trips and other activities 

  • Inform the school of opportunities to place students in full-time or part-time jobs or cooperative education and inform employers of the availability of workers 

  • Support student career/vocational technical education student organizations such as SkillsUSA 

  • Review career guidance policies and activities 

  • Help acquaint the community with the needs of career/vocational technical education 

  • Seek legislative support for career/vocational technical education