The philosophy of Nashoba Valley Technical High School is to provide a safe, nondiscriminatory educational environment for students who are residents of our district, school choice participants, and tuition pupils. We are committed to an educational process in which students are treated with dignity and respect at all times. All students receive occupational training, academic education, and cultural enrichment which assist them in developing their potential and contribute to their becoming responsible and productive members of society.

Our basic objective is to provide an education for all students, ensuring that they graduate with the training that will allow them to achieve gainful employment if they so choose. We also provide the academic skills necessary to successfully pursue post-secondary and higher education and to recognize the importance of education as a continuous process. We encourage all students to become lifelong learners, continuing to combine their employment and educational options in order to achieve their full potential. It is the aim of this school that students become self-reliant, responsible citizens, have pride in their vocations, develop a positive attitude, show respect, toleration, and concern for others, and have an awareness of the diverse world in which they live.

Our curriculum emphasizes the knowledge and thinking skills that students require to become contributing citizens in a democratic society. We acknowledge that students have different levels of ability and motivation, rates of learning, types of intelligence, and interests. We are committed to providing diversified programs and state-of-the-art technical instruction that will enable our students to become skilled workers and technicians and responsible citizens.

Our philosophy also seeks to provide educational opportunities for area adults seeking to change their vocations, to upgrade capabilities in their current fields, to develop new technical skills, or to pursue recreational activities.

Nashoba Valley Technical High School is committed to providing innovative programs that meet the educational needs of citizens within all our participating communities. Our administrators and staff partner with residents, representatives from business, industry and affiliated colleges and universities, and students to identify new challenges and to ensure that we are responsive to changing industrial, technological, professional, and academic requirements that could impact our students.

Our school encourages open communication among parents, teachers, students, town and school officials, school committee members, school councils, and the broader community to support the needs of our students. We participate in forums and actively reach out to the community for feedback to ensure that we are fulfilling our unique mission and meeting our responsibility to provide quality, cost-effective educational opportunities for all students and citizens in our district.