Welcome to Nashoba Valley Early Learning Center!

We are a non-profit teaching/lab school committed to the education of young children and the development of young teachers. 

The programs at Nashoba Valley Early Learning Center (NVELC) are designed to provide opportunities for young children to learn about their world in an interactive and experiential way. It is our goal to provide a curriculum and an environment rich in stimulating activities and materials where children and all areas of their development are encouraged, nurtured, challenged and allow them to experience success. 

We offer half and full day preschool and pre-k programs for children ages 3 years through 5 years old, and a morning or full day toddler exploration program for children ages 12 months through 3 years old. 

Our indoor classrooms are spacious and bright offering a variety of center areas designed to stimulate, support and impact all areas of a child's ongoing development. Our large, fenced-in playground extends our classroom to the outdoors allowing for further exploration and discovery!

Now Enrolling!

Contact us at 978-692-6036
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Fee Schedule:

Half Day Programs 9 am to 1 pm
(Ages 12 Months through 5 years)

  • 3 Days/Week$336/month
  • 4 Days/Week$448/month
  • 5 Days/Week$560/month

Full Day Programs 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
(Ages 12 Months through 5 years)

  • 3 Days/Week$695/month
  • 4 Days/Week$895/month
  • 5 Days/Week$1,095/month
  • Registration is done annually, regardless of current enrollment.
  • A non-refundable $50.00 registration fee is required upon enrollment.
  • A deposit of one month’s tuition is required to secure a space in the program. The deposit will be credited as the last
    month’s tuition payment.
  • A 30-day notice of withdrawal is required for the tuition deposit to be refunded.
  • Tuition is a YEARLY fee that takes into account all holidays, vacations, and snow days on the school calendar. This yearly
    fee is divided into ten monthly payments.
  • The school year begins the day after Labor Day and ends the Friday of the first or second week in June.
  • A 10% sibling discount will be applied to the tuition of the youngest child

Notice of Non-Discrimination and Compliance

Title IX Ch. 622, S.504

Nashoba Valley Technical High School doe

s not discriminate in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its services, programs and activities on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI); on the basis of sex, in accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; on the basis of disability, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA); or on the basis of age, in accordance with the Age Discrimination Act of 1974 (Age Discrimination Act). Nor does it discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, religion, disability, or homelessness status in accordance with Chapter 622 of the Acts of 1971 (M.G.L. c.76 §5) and Chapter 151B of the General Laws.

To report any issues, please contact the Title VI/IX Coordinator at (978) 692-4711, ext. 11105.

For more information please see the Nashoba Valley Technical High school Policy Manual, section 5305.