Using sophisticated diagnostic equipment, computerized alignment, and state of the art equipment, students perform repairs under the supervision of experienced ASE certified instructors.

  • Customers will pay for parts, materials, and sales tax as required, as well as a 25% surcharge to cover indirect costs associated with performing the work. Services that do not require the purchase of parts and materials still incur a surcharge.
  • Requests for projects will be accepted from staff, residents, and non-profit organizations within the district and district member municipalities.

The following is a partial list of services. Projects requiring a fee, please see the list posted in shop or call us. Customers must provide a receipt if parts purchased independently. Lube Oil and Filter change (Vehicle Dependent)

  • Check Engine Light diagnosis and repair
  • Automatic transmission fluid service (Vehicle Dependent)
  • Tire Mounting & Balance wheels ($5.00 per tire)
  • Computerized 4-wheel alignment ($39.95)
  • Engine tune-up (Vehicle Dependent)
  • Fuel injection service, driveline, transaxle, and clutch service
  • Recharge A.C. (Vehicle Dependent)
  • Repair tire ($19.99)
  • Rotate tires ($9.99)

For more information, please call (978) 692-4711 ext. 13111.