As most of you area aware, in August 2015 Nashoba Valley Technical High School opened a new program in Veterinary Assisting. In February 2016 a new veterinary clinic located within the high school was opened so that the students in the Veterinary Assisting program could get hands-on clinical experience in a real, working clinic as part of their technical high school education. In this way they will be more thoroughly prepared to enter the workforce directly or go on to college to specialize further in the veterinary field. This clinic is the result of a partnership between NVTHS and Angell Animal Medical Center.

Angell Animal Medical Center is dedicated to advancing the health and welfare of animals and to educating the next generation of veterinary professionals. Our clinic at NVTHS, called Angell at Nashoba, offers care to animals Monday through Friday, 8 am – 4 pm, and we are open year-round. We are excited about the opportunity to not only help animals in this community but also help to instill in students a lifelong love and passion for the field of veterinary medicine. We offer a full range of services from wellness care and spay/neuter services to more advanced surgeries such as orthopedic and intestinal procedures. 

In addition, we have a program for people who qualify as low income where they can receive veterinary care for their pet at a reduced cost. To qualify for the reduced cost care, the owner must provide an EBT/SNAP (food stamps) card, WIC card, documentation of public housing, documentation of fuel assistance, or a veteran’s card.

If you would like to support our combined mission of education and community service as well as receive excellent veterinary care for your pet, please call us to schedule an appointment at (978)577-5992.