Senior Project  

As you know, the senior project is a graduation requirement for all students in the senior class.  The senior project is broken into three distinct components.

1.   Research Paper (completed in English class and graded by the English teacher and used as the Final Exam for English 12)

2.   Product (completed in the technical program/cooperative placement site and graded by the technical teacher and will be used as the Final Exam for the Technical Program)

3.   Formal Presentation (completed in English class and technical program and graded by the technical teacher, academic teacher, and administrator or advisory committee member and will be used as the Final exam for the Theory class)


All technical instructors are responsible for explaining and overseeing the product portion of the senior project to students and assisting students with the presentation portion which will be delivered in April/May. A detailed presentation schedule will be published in the spring. Seniors on cooperative placement should also receive senior project information. Seniors should begin working on senior project products as soon as possible.

  Throughout the school year all technical instructors should be meeting regularly with seniors in their technical program (including seniors on cooperative placement) to review student progress on the product and presentation portion of the senior project. Students, please remember that the presentation is NOT the product.  The presentation is an opportunity for the students to showcase the research they have conducted and the work they have completed on their product. 

Presentations will be held in an assigned classroom and should include photographs of the product if the student is unable to bring the product to showcase.  A laptop and projector will be available during presentations.  Students are encouraged to store the presentation on a USB key or CD to eliminate the time needed logging into individual student accounts. 

A Senior Project/Advisory Fair will be held in May.  Senior projects will be displayed in the Viking Forum for advisory members to view.  Severl exemplary senior projects will be selected to be presented at this meeting.

If you have any questions regarding the senior project please do not hesitate to ask the English or Technical Instructor or contact the Curriculum Office.