Mrs. Stevens

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<Señora Stevens>


Class Expectations:
-SPANISH only spoken in class!
-Be on time & prepared for class (writing utensil, notebook, binder)
-Don't distract or be rude to your classmates, teacher, or yourself.
-No food or drinks (water is allowed) in classroom.
-Electronic devices prohibited except when used for guided lesson.

Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom (for student view). Students are expected to check Google Classroom for updates or assignments nightly, especially if they are absent. If a student has a question about an assignment s/he may email me directly through Classroom or Gmail.
Weekly plans will be posted on the class calendar (click class link on the left side of this page). Assessment notifications will be posted on this calendar.

Spanish 1 Novice
Spanish 2 Novice
Spanish 2 Intermediate A
Spanish 3 Intermediate A
Spanish 3/4 Intermediate B
Spanish 4/5 Intermediate-Advanced