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Spanish 1 Novice
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Spanish 5 Intermediate-Advanced

Spanish as a second language is a skills-based content area, and focuses on the development of the students' ability to communicate successfully in the target language.  By focusing on proficiency, rather than grammar and conjugation drills, more students see more success learning a second language. Proficiency is gained through contact hours of communication: listening to, reading, speaking and writing in Spanish. It is not gained through hours of conjugation study or daily grammar lessons.   

As students progress through our program, they acquire skills that facilitate their ability to successfully communicate in three modes of communication: Interpretive - the ability to understand what they listen to, read, and/or view; Interpersonal (two-way communication) -  the ability to converse with others, and/or correspond with others via email, texting, blogs, etc.; and Presentational - the ability to present one's ideas to others by speaking in front of an audience, and/or through formal writing.

The proficiency levels begin with the Novice level, and progress through IntermediateAdvancedSuperior and finally, Distinguished levels. Novice, Intermediate and Advanced are divided into three sub-levels (Low, Mid, High). Superior and Distinguished are levels that are usually only attained by living in a country where your second language is spoken for many years.

For each year (130-150 hours of language contact through performance activities and comprehensible input), a student can expect to progress through one sub-level of proficiency. For example, a student beginning Spanish as a 9th grader (1st year ever of Spanish) who takes two years of the language can expect to reach Novice High. That same student, taking 4 years of Spanish, can expect to reach Intermediate Mid.

Please see "useful links" for access to the ACTFL (American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language) proficiency guidelines.