Welcome to Junior English!

The theme for this year is Unsung American Voices. Our three overarching essential questions for the year are: How is the American experience different for different subsets of Americans? Who really benefits from the “American Dream”? How is the American experience/dream shaped or molded through the eyes of marginalized peoples?

To achieve this, we will be reading works by American authors who shed light on people who are generally marginalized, minorities, or seen as “other.” This could include but is not limited to, works by or about African-Americans, the “poor”, immigrants, women, and the LGBTQ community. We will also explore some traditional American literature as a comparison to these unsung voices.

Additionally, we will complete a Junior Project at the end of December/beginning of January - for this project, students will develop and hone skills for the workplace. We will focus on resume and cover letter writing, oral communication/interview skills, research, and job acquisition.

Core Skills:

  • Persuasive, Comparison, and Synthesis Writing

  • Workplace Related Skills

  • Close Reading and Annotation

  • Quote integrations/Explanation

  • Communication/Discussion and Collaboration with Peers

Our first novel will be The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.