Ms. Manning

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Ms. Mannning

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English Instructor

Welcome to my English class!  
I am excited to work with you to make this year a successful one.

Throughout the year, we will be reading novels, short stories, essays, articles, plays, poems, and speeches to help us better understand the human condition.  We will also be developing our writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills so that we are able to articulate our thoughts well and comprehend what others are communicating.

Please be sure to check the Useful Links frequently.  Upon clicking this link, you will find a folder for your grade, as well as a folder for useful resources, organizers and templates.

The calendar will provide you with a guideline of class lesson plans.  Please note, however, at times a lesson might be amended in real time as students work through the learning process.  Should a change be significant or impact homework assignments previously recorded, I will make note.

1. a charged Chromebook
2. a pen or pencil
3. a notebook or notepaper
4. a 3-ring binder or accordion folder to hold classwork
5.  an AGENDA book  
6. the text or novel under study