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Welcome to my teacher page! Above ^^is my contact information if you or a parent ever needs to reach me! 

Our AP US History Class produces a  Mustache of the Month
For the Month of September we have honored for is mustache greatness

Wilhelm I 

In addition to teaching history here at Nashoba Tech, I also coach Women's Volleyball at Rivier University in Nashua, NH. Below is a link to our 2015-16 Schedule....Come Check A Game Out!

Here are some fun random historical facts to fill your Historical Needs!

Parent Night Slide Show:

Keys to a "Championship Team"

AP US Government Simplified Syllabus:

AP US Government Full Syllabus:

AP US History Simplified Syllabus:

AP US History Full Syllabus:

US History I Syllabus

Facing History and Ourselves (Grade 9) Syllabus

United States History II