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More classes added for April/May include:

Nurse Assisting, Machine Tool Technology and Web Design.

Better Babysitting (Ages 11 - 17),

Cake Decorating,Smart Phones for Smart People and more!

New Classes Start NOW!

Real Estate Licensure, Health Assisting, Smart Phones for Smart People, PowerPoint and more!

You are not 'too late'! START DATES ON MANY HAVE BEEN POSTPONED due to snow! 

Alway call/pre-register to ensue notifications. !!!

It is all about YOU! Online Learning -

Personal Enrichment & Professional Development

  • Certificate in Grant Writing & Non-Profit Management
  • Certificate in Leadership
  • Certificate in Medical Office Procedures

Your Future is Here! Start NOW!


Take a Class...Teach a Class!

Share your knowledge and your passion with the community.

Teacher certification is not necessary.

Experience and a proven proficiency in a field are mandatory.

Joann Sueltenfuss - Director of Continuing Education, 978-692-4711 x1001 or email:

The Summer Experience 2014 Brochure is ready! Sent an email to and it will be sent as an attachment. 

You P ick Two! Check your top choices. Every effort will be made to place student in at least 

one of the choices.

Courses and Descriptions

AutomotiveBasics: Understand the basics of how an engine works. Change the oil. Rotate/change the tires. Move on to body work and learn what a full interior and exterior detail entails.  Hard toed shoes and long pants required for safety.

Babysitting Basics: Learn to sooth a terrified two-year old whose mommy just left.  Fill a summer afternoon with fun – and SAFE – play for little ones…and earn a certificate that will make you the most sought after babysitter in the neighborhood! 

Computer Animation/Movie Making: Basic 2D animation using Adobe Flash is the way to make the web come alive! Create simple characters and learn about popular animation history and techniques while creating small scenes. Learn filming techniques such as editing, camera angles, storyboards,special effects and more. Create a short film for your portfolio. (Be sure to bring a flash drive with you each day.)

Computer Gaming and Apps:  Learn to create gaming apps for android or Apple hand-held (best if you can bring your own iPhone, iPad, or Droid wireless device, although a flash drive will work to save and store. 

Cosmetology: Learn the life-long skills for beautiful hair; healthy skin and strong nails. A fruity-facial, Taylor Swift-like twirls or bold, brithtly patterend nails - it is all here for you to learn! Bring a friend and practice together!

Culinary Basics: The Life of a Professional Chef is Fun, Fast and Fascinating! Learn to safely and effectively use kichen utensials, follow recipes and the importance of measurements. This educational (and tasty program will have you impressing family and friends. Emphsasis on savory techniques. 

Cake /Cupcake Decorating: Make Creative Cakes and Show-Stopper cupcakes shine with professional techniques and tricks of the trade. This one fills fast! Sign up early!

Digital Photography:  Composition + Exposure = a Great Picture. Learn how to take your photosfrom ‘just o.k.’ to fabulous. Bring your own Digital (DSLR, iPhone, iPad other digital) camera and an 8 mb flash drive to store your work.

Java Programming:  Add power to programming with Java– add interactivity to your applications by creating buttons, carousels, collapsible panels and more. Begin with the basics of Java and move on to more advanced topics. Loops and timers create animation effects that will light up your boards. jQuery will round out your week.

 Machine Tool Technology:  An entry level, but hands-on experience that duplicates the operations utilized in industry. Production of metal and plastic parts by milling, turning,drilling, and grinding. Students will learn the layout process, setup procedures necessary to operate lathes, grinders, and milling machines, while gaining experience on the computer numerically controlled machines (CNC), CAD/CAM software and other fundamental programming tools.Hard toed shoes and long pants required for safety.

Robotics: Use the latest Lego Mindstorm NXT software and Technic building pieces to build and program robots. Take on real world design challenges while learning science and engineering concepts from gear ratios to infrared sensors. The session introduces students to the engineeringdesign process as they build and program with standard LEGO bricks and a programmable LEGO brick.

Web Graphics & Design: Use Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop to learn the basics of web design. Create your own personal web page dedicated to your favorite subjects, sports or hobbies. This one is ‘all about you’!

Registration Form (availble by email or call and it will be mailed to you)

Tuition: $299/week/child if rec’d by May 31st.

Tuition after May 31, 2014: $349/week/child

 Please use a separate registration form  and payment for each week and for each child.

Week 1: July 7 - 11                      Week 2: July 14 - 18

Week 3: July 21 - 25                   Week 4: July 28 - Aug. 1

9 a.m. - 1 p.m.; Monday through Friday.