Electronics and Robotics

The Electronics and Robotics Program is based on understanding engineering principles basic to electronic technology. Students develop knowledge of electronic circuitry and the operation of electronic equipment used for testing, troubleshooting, and repair. Students learn how to work with power supplies, microprocessors, integrated circuits, and operational amplifiers. 

Students work in a contemporary technical area complete with current learning stations and state-of-the-art equipment such as a robotics trainer, analog and digital trainers, microprocessor trainers, digital multi-meters, and oscilloscopes. 

In addition, students receive instruction in robotic principles, including concepts such as temperature sensing, pressure sensing, infrared, photodetection, and sound detection. A robotic arm is utilized to teach programming and operations principles. Electronics graduates are qualified for a wide variety of positions in a rapidly growing field. Companies that manufacture consumer electronic products, medical equipment, automotive equipment, appliances, and computers may hire graduates. They are qualified to work as test technicians, computer technicians, electronic assemblers, and installation and field service technicians. 

Articulation Agreements between Nashoba Valley Technical High School's Electronics and Robotics Program and post-secondary institutions: <

Middlesex Community College

Principles of Electric Circuits 4 credits

Digital Systems Fundamentals 3 credits

Computer Systems Fundamentals 3 credits

Embedded Computer Systems 3 credits*

* If a student has an A+ certification 

New England Institute of Technology

Electrical Circuit Theory 1 4 credits

Basic Circuit Construction 1 credit

Electrical Circuit Theory 2 3 credits

Electrical Circuit Theory 2 Lab 4 credits

Mount Wachusett Community College

Circuit Analysis I 4 credits

Semi Conductor Circuits I 4 credits

Principals of Digital Systems I 4 credits

Licenses, Certifications, and Affiliations

Occupational Safety and Health Administration General Safety 10 Hour Certification