Adobe Photoshop & Digital Photography

Hybrid Course:Adobe Photoshop & Digital Photography

Dates:   TBA
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM
16 hours                                                       Tuition:  $169

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 An exciting hands-on hybrid course designed to integrate both Digital Photography basics with Adobe Photoshop into a user-friendly course.  We will cover the basics of how to take quality photos by applying the "Rule of Thirds" DSLR program settings good composition and proper exposure, focus, as well as ISO settings.  An overview of camera hardware including tripods, monopod, lenses and other camera studio and field equipment,

An overview of the digital process from camera to Photoshop, how to download digital images directly to computer from the camera using digital card readers as well as USB cable will be discussed and covered by numerous handouts.

Student's are asked to bring a 3-ring binder (1inch) thick and a flash/thumb drive or other USB storage device to save your work.

 A final assignment will culminate in showcasing the skills and knowledge in the form of a digital collage each student will create.  Printed quality copies will be given to every student at the conclusion of this course.  A CD of all practice files will also be given to every student to keep for the course.