Meet Our Staff & Contacts
Greetings from the Student Services Department!  You can find our phone contacts below.  If you would like to send any one of us an email, please use the links to the left.  Thank you!

 Coordinator of 
 Guidance & Admissions

 Ms. Kyla Callahan 

 978-692-4711 ext. 1122

Coordinator of
Special Education

Ms. Wendy Hood

978-692-4711 ext. 1119

School Psychologist 

Ms. Melissa Gilgun 

978-692-4711 ext. 1121

 Guidance Counselor (A-F)

 Ms. Jessica Silva

 978-692-4711 ext. 1120

Guidance Counselor (G-N)

Mr. Aaron Spencer

978-692-4711 ext. 1116

Guidance Counselor
 Mr. Jonathan Nardi-Williams 

 978-692-4711 ext. 1118 
Guidance & Student Services Administrative Assistant
Ms. Terry Judge

978-692-4711 ext. 1123

Our counseling staff has a wealth of experience and looks forward to working with you throughout your years at Nashoba Valley Technical High School.  We are pleased to welcome you to our office.

CLICK HERE to access our professional biographies and learn more about the staff of the Guidance & Student Services Department.