Anti-Bullying Information
As required by M.G.L. c. 71, § 37O, Nashoba Valley Technical High School's Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan was developed and reviewed in consultation with teachers, school staff, professional support personnel, school volunteers, administrators, community representatives, local law enforcement agencies, students, parents, and guardians. The document was presented for public comment between November 10, 2010 and December 10, 2010. The plan was approved and formally adopted by the Nashoba Valley Technical High School Committee at the December 14, 2010 meeting. The plan was then submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on December 21, 2010. Additionally, we will solicit comments from various school organizations, such as the School Council and Parent Advisory Councils. Please send any questions regarding the plan to Denise Pigeon, Principal at: [ click for email ]

Need to report a bullying incident? Download the form here.